Physics w/ Calc

A baseball approaches home plate at a speed of 43.0 m/s, moving horizontally just before being hit by a bat. The batter hits a pop-up such that after hitting the bat, the baseball is moving at 54.0 m/s straight up. The ball has a mass of 145 g and is in contact with the bat for 2.30 ms. What is the average vector force the ball exerts on the bat during their interaction?

I tried calculating the vectors separately and then calculating the magnitude of both vectors added together but I'm not getting the correct answer.

Here is my work.

P initial = (0.145)(43)= 6.235
P final = (0.145)(54)=7.83

sq rt (7.83^2+6.235^2) = 10.0092

10.0092(0.0023)=4351.8 N

this is not correct?

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  1. 6.235/.0023=2710i

    = (2710)i-(3404)j

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  2. why is the 3404 newtons negative?

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  3. Because it's going against gravity @zain

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