math please explian

If somone could please explian how i can fiqure out what the whole sale cost of something is with a 45% mark up vaule They sold the item for $94.25

Thanks any help would be great

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  1. 100% = 1.00
    45% = .45
    100% + 45% = 1.45
    1.45 * cost = sale price = 94.25
    cost = 94.25/1.45
    cost = $65.00

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  2. a marked price on an mp3 player is $15000.Calculate the price of the item after a 12% discount given.

    Marked price on mp3 player =$15000
    Discount % =12%
    discount =12/100 multiply by $ 15000
    new price=$15000-$180 =$14820

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