computer probblem!!!

anybody know why my computer wont completely stops in the middle of the download!!!

I suggest discuss this with your parents.

parent??? i am the parent..lolol

I don't know what's causing this problem. Who can really tell what's going on inside a computer, after all??!!

However, if you are using a PC with Windows and you're also using Internet Explorer 6 as your browser, you can go to where you'll find a link for help with Internet Explorer 6. Then you'll need to read all the possibilities and explore around a bit. There may be an answer here, or you may need to find the place to contact someone from Microsoft via email or an automated form.

If you're not on a PC using Windows, then you need to contact others, but I cannot even guess who they might be.

I hope this is somewhat helpful.


it may be that your cache is full. hit ctl and f5 this will empty your cashe and should free up some ram for your downloads.

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asked by sheila

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