how do you write an eqaution that relates to the cordinates on a graph

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asked by bre
  1. Gee, I do not know where to start.
    There are lots of shapes that have equations on a graph.
    Like a c1rcle might be x^2 + y^2 = 9
    That would have center at (0,0) and radius of 3

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    posted by Damon
  2. You can graph just about any equation on the xy-plane. You need to know the values for the x and y coordinates in the form (x,y).

    The easiest way to graph any equation in algebra is to make a table. Basically, you will plug a bunch of numbers for x (say about 3 numbers) and find out what the corresponding y values are to complete the ordered pair. The ordered pair is a point in the form (x,y) where x represents the x-axis and y represents the y-xis.

    Once you do, you can plot that (x,y) pair on the coordinate plane (also called the xy-plane), secure in the knowledge that it falls on the graph.

    Here are the steps to graph a linear equation:

    1-Solve for y.

    2-Plug in a few values for x and record the resulting y values to make points in the (x,y) form.

    3-Plot the points on the coordinate plane and connect them to form the graph.

    Keep in mind that the steps above only apply for linear equations (equations that form straight lines).

    Is this clear?

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    posted by Guido
  3. How do you solve a eqaution that relates to the coordinates on a graph

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    posted by bre
  4. If a circle is circumscribed around a square with diagnal 11 inches, what is the area of the ciecle?

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    posted by nene
  5. 298.2529

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    posted by greg
  6. what do u say when u turn into a mathematical tree?
    gee, oma tree!

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    posted by blaenau

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