Somebody at my school said that Jiskha homework help blocked them from posting answers for no reason. That person is a big bully and I don't believe him. Is that true? Why would that happen...?
Hello Kitty :-)

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  1. We have blocked people who spam the board or who several times have posted the wrong answers or posted other inappropriate messages.

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  2. What do you mean by spam the board?

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  3. What if the person who posted the wrong answers actually thought he was right? But he did not know he was wrong?? Would you still block him? Can you ever get unblocked??

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  4. Posting a bunch of questions sequentially (one right after the other) with no work on the part of the student in an apparent bid for us to do all of his/her homework. USUALLY, however, if that happens we post a note to that student that we have deleted all of the posts and that they can repost if they wish to show what work they have done. Usually the only ones that can't post are those that have posted inappropriate remarks and for which they have been warned.

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  5. Most of the time, if we see an incorrect answer, we simply post our own answer with a note the "anonymous or whomever" has given an incorrect answer. But if that person continues over time to give incorrect answers we often suggest they not post answers anymore unless they are positive. I think the correct answer to your original question is no, that isn't true. We do block some but never without a reason and never without a warning OR without a note as to why they have been blocked.

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