Dear experts,

What is your motivation to provide all this help?

I'm extremely grateful for this service, but why do you help so much? Are you paid to do this? Are you teachers who like to assist in spare time? Trying to brush up on your own skills?


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  1. Some of us are retired teachers who enjoy teaching -- especially from home and on our computers. We are all unpaid volunteers who provide help to students as a hobby and a service.

    Thank you for asking.

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    Ms. Sue
  2. Each of us has different reasons, I'm sure, but underlying everything, I think we all just like to teach and help students with their assignments. We're not here to DO students' assignments, but to point them in the right direction so they can learn to do their own work. We will also comment on students' thinking and ideas and answers as needed.

    I am a retired teacher of English (grades 9-12 and college), and I have tutored online and offline since 1996 (first with AOL, now with Jiskha).

    We are all volunteers.

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  3. As with MsSue and Writeacher, I am a retired high school English, Drama, Speech, History teacher. I got a "kick" out of getting up everyday and "stomping out ignorance" and teaching kids to "think". I particularly enjoyed the interaction with the students. When I retired I was asked to join the AOL teaching group and have been working on-line since..... so obviously I still get a "kick" <G> In my community I have worked with the ESL program. These are just my ways of "earning the air I breath".

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  4. I am also a retired teacher, having taught highschool math for 34 years.

    After all that time, you just cannot turn off your brain, so this is my way of keeping my mind active and at the same time helping out some young people.

    BTW, I live in the beautiful country of Canada.

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  5. Wow! Thanks for answering and thanks again for all the valuable homework help!

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  6. I have a question about my math. A cat falls in a hole at 12:00.The hole is 6ft deep. He climbs out at two feet per-minute,falling back one foot.What Time will the cat get out of the hole?

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