the Barn Owl's body has two stomachs, the first is a glandular stomach which uses chemicals called enzymes to break down the prey into nutritious parts and waste parts. Along with pressure from the second muscular stomach, the fleshy portions are separated from the bone, hair and feathers. The bones and feathers and hair do not go on any further while the digested fleshy portions that the bird needs to live on proceed on to his intestines. From this material the bird obtains all the nutrients, the proteins, the carbohydrates, the vitamins and water -- all the things that he needs to make energy and to keep living.

could make this more simple

Why do owls have 2 stomachs

Tee first stomach an owl has is called a glandular stomach. It uses chemicals called enzymes which allows the owl to break down the animal it ate into parts that it needs (nutritous). In the second stomach the meaty parts are separated (bone, hair, feathers, etc.)
**needs stomachs to break down food in order to survive***

Thanx soooooo Much

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