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  1. I asssume you want me to balance that.
    How about trying
    3 H2SO4
    2 B (OH)3
    1 B2(SO4)3
    6 H2O

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    posted by Damon
  2. Now the how and why:
    I said I will have x B2(SO4)3 molecules
    Then I must have 2x B(OH)3 molecules
    I assume I have y H2O molecules
    Then I have 2 Y H atoms on the right
    but on the left I have 3 x H2SO4 molecules to balance 3 x sulfur on the right
    and I have 2 x B(OH)3 molecules on the left to balance B
    I have 6x + 6x or 12 x H atoms on the left to balance my 2 y H atoms on the right
    12 x = 2 y
    6 x = y
    so I tried x = 1 and y =6 and it balanced

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    posted by Damon

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