I have a foster child (my niece) who has been through a lot in the past year. She is having huge difficulty in school. She is in 1st grade. My 21 year old daughter is home with her trying her best to help her but it is getting overwhelming to get her to look at words to learn them. Kids love the computer. Is there help for her?

asked by Joanne
  1. One place to start, which can be lots of fun, is with the Dolch Word Lists:

    Get a whole bunch of 3x5 index cards and put one word on each card. Don't do this all at once; work on 10-12 words at a time.

    The thing about the Dolch words is that these are the words we need to be able to read on sight. To be a good reader, we should not be sounding these out every time we read. But she needs to build this knowledge in her own mind. When she has 10 or so words under control, then add another 10-12.

    Soon (probably when she has 30-35 under control), start making very simple but common sentences with them, and lay them out from left to right on a table or on the floor. Most of the sentences should be common, everyday sentences/commands, but some of the sentences can be whimsical -- just for fun! Just to make her laugh!

    Keep blank index cards and a pen close by and add her name and names of family and friends and any pets -- by adding the names into the sentences, the ideas are personal and she'll identify with them.

    Eventually, this can become a game, and SHE will start making the sentences.

    It works -- I did this with my granddaughter when she was in K and 1. We had a lot of laughs ... and she became a very good reader.

    posted by Writeacher
  2. If you go to Quizlet and open an account, which is free, you can play learning games, find the subjects you need help in, or make your own notecards that you can play games to. I'm in high school and I use Quizlet because it still helps me study, I hope this will works for your 1st grader.

    posted by Heather
  3. there is help u cn ask jiskha mayb it cn help try to teach ur child step by step and c if she/he cn understnd if not u cn find school of slow learnees ask sm1 2 convience u and give u information on hw 2 find skul 4 ur child in ur area gud luck!

    posted by zinhle ntsebezo

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