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I also bought a timer. After I turn thes witch to the right, clockwise, if I put the point on the switch to the time, it will ring after the time. We don't need a battery in this product, for it has a mechinacal spring. It is useful when you cook instant noodles over a stove. You are apt to forget the food over a stove. So use this timer, and you cannot burn your food.

I wrote a passage about the product I bought on-line. Would you check the expressions and correct any errors, please?

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  1. "thes witch" is probably supposed to be "the switch",right?

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  2. I also bought a timer. After I turn the switch to the right, clockwise, I set the point on the switch to the time, and it will ring after the set number of minutes. This product doesn't need a battery, for it has a mechanical spring. It is useful when you cook instant noodles on a stove. If you are apt to forget the food as it is cooking, use this timer, and you cannot burn your food.

    I hope that helps -- there was too much repetition of the word "time" in places.

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