How good is the University of Washington compared to Oregon State University? Does it matter where i go for undergraduate? I'm an Oregon resident but i really want to attend the UW after high school but that would put me in so much dept afterwards. Going to OSU would put me in less dept, and i'd kind of get the same education i guess, but UW is a much better school and it has a better school of pharmacy.

Please give ur honest opinion on which would be the best choice.


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asked by michelle
  1. Both are very good schools, and so is the U of Oregon at Eugene, but the UW is rated quite a bit higher overall. There are also cultural and recreational advantages to living in Seattle compared to Corvallis. On the other hand, as a resident of Oregon, your tuition charges at OSU will probably be much less and that is something worth considering. The small college town ambience of Corvallis has some advantages as well. My brother attended one year at the UW and hated it, and transferred to WSU, which he loves to this day. I am from Seattle myself but did not attend the UW because I has a scholarship to a better school and wanted to get away from home. I remain a UW supporter. One thing I did learn is that by working hard as an undergraduate, you can probably get a good enough education to attend the graduate school of your choice.

    Do you attend to obtain a graduate degree in Pharmacology?

    If I were you, I would visit both schools to get a feel for campus life there, and talk to some faculty members about their schools of Pharmacy. Then you will be in better prepared to make your decision.

    If tuition were not the issue, I would choose the University of Washington. But if I'd end up with $40,000 or more of student load debt by choosing UW, I'd stay in Oregon and switch to the better Pharmacy School later, for a Masters degree.

    I had a roommate from Oregon who flunked out of the eastern college I attended, and then returned to OSU (which was then OSC)where he found the courses much easier and had no problem getting an engineering degree. Getting married and settling down also helped in his case. I hardly ever saw him sutudy.

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    posted by drwls
  2. Let I appear illiterate, please change "I has" to "I had" in the first paragraph and "attend" to "intend" in the second paragraph. The last word is also misspelled, and there may be others.

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    posted by drwls

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