American History

how did "support of free silver","lack of wealthy backers", "advocating a greater voice in government", and "third-party status" contribute to the end of Populist Party?

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  1. Here are some sites that will help you with that question. ( History section)

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  2. thanks...but I still do not really understand...

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  3. You will be helped specifically about the first two items on your list of reasons why the Populist party ended. Once you understand those reason the others together with the links that you were given should be easier. Many students find this topic to be amongst the most difficult in US History.

    The economics behind the free silver movement is not easy to understand. Free silver meant the unlimited coinage of silver which would result in higher prices for farm goods and easier repayment of debts such as farmers mortgages, since there would be a period of monetary inflation.

    Hint: The support of free silver meant the support of farmers who were debtors and the silver interests. They faced the opposition of creditors, and the enlarged number of factory workers. With that hint in mind now consider why wealthy people did not back the Populist farmers who wanted inflation and the devaluation of our monetary supply.

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  4. well..thanks...but I don't really get the "third-party status" term...

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    Read carefully.

    Remember that we're not going to do your homework FOR YOU, but we'll be happy to point you in the right direction and give you feedback once you come up with your own thoughts on a question.


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