1.How many strands of mRNA are transcribed from the two "unzipped" strandsof DNA?

2.What are the three parts of an RNA nucleotide?

3.How does base pairing differ in RNA and DNA?

4.What is the function of mRNA?

5. What is a codon?

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asked by alex
  1. Shouldn't this stuff be in your notes? I can't find mine from last year, so I can't give you specific answers, because I don't want to tell you the wrong thing. But, I believe this information should be in your text book. Try looking there in case no one else posts an answer, I am sure you will find the answers. If not, I am continuing to search my house for my biology notes to help you. Good luck in the mean time!

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    posted by Alexis
  2. thank you. the reason i had put those questions is because im not good with a book i kinda need a verbal explination. But in the mean time i am reading my text book over and over and over but i just can't seem to find the answers.

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    posted by alex
  3. Awe, this sucks, I hate when that happens. I am trying to find my book though. When do you need this homework by? Just before you go back to school, yes? I think I should be able to find it soon, so just keep checking back.

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    posted by Alexis
  4. yes i do have to have it by the time i get back to school. and none of my friends don't want to help me and my mom or dad doesn't know much about it so thank you for trying. o and i have my notes its just b4 c-mas break came i had surgery so i didn't get the notes hat i need for my work so yea it kinda sux! so i'll keep checking back thank you again!

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    posted by alex
  5. I think I found them, but I need to read over them to see if they are correct. I will try and post for you tomorrow sometime! Have a happy new year and goodluck!

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    posted by Alexis

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