Which of the following is best described as an
acid-base reaction?
1. NaCl + AgNO3 !NaNO3 + AgCl
2. Ca + 2H2O ! Ca(OH)2 + H2
3. 2HgO ! 2 Hg + O2
4. KCl + NH4NO3 ! KNO3 + NH4Cl
5. NH3 + H2O ! NH+
4 + OH−

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  1. If written correctly, #4 is the one to choose.
    NH3 + HOH ==> NH4^+ + OH^-
    You shouldn't use the exclamation mark (in math the factorial sign) for an arrow. All keyboards have --- and >>> and you can put them together to make --> or use the equal mark to get ==>

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  2. thats right, i had it on ut

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