american history

True/ False questions!
8. Three new congressional leaders after the War of 1812 were Daniel Webster, who represented the South; Henry Clay, who represented the Northeast; and John C. Calhoun, who represented the West.

During his presidency, Andrew Jackson ardently opposed forced Indian resettlement.

True False

9. Eli Whitney's use of interchangeable parts was the beginning of mass-production manufacturing in America.

True False

10. The War of 1812 was a turning point in American history, for it freed America from the dictates of European nations and garnered European respect for the young country.

True False

11. A labor shortage in the United States in the early 1800s stimulated the invention of labor-saving machines, machines that contributed to the growth of American industry.

True False

12. President Jackson enthusiastically signed the bill to recharter the second Bank of the United States, the bank he considered one of America's greatest assets.

True False

13. Those southerners who did not own slaves—poor whites, laborers, tenant farmers, and small farmers—were generally opposed to the institution of slavery.

True False

14. Oppressed white industrial workers welcomed black workers into the work place and into their labor unions.

15. Land travel was considerably cheaper than water transportation during the early 1800s, a fact which explains why the building of canals in America failed to gain popularity.

16. Free blacks in the 1800s were restricted in movement, voting privileges, legal rights, freedom of assembly, religious freedom, and educational opportunities, to name a few.

17. One development that helped link almost every part of the nation to the transportation system was the steamboat, which made upstream travel possible.

18. Southern law prevented slaveowners from physically punishing slaves who showed signs of disobedience, stubbornness, and independence.

19. Planters belonged to the most politically influential and most economically powerful group in southern society.


20. During the 1800s, Irish immigrants in particular became the targets of native Americans' resentment, suspicion, and violence.


21. The use of the expression "King Cotton" during the first half of the 1800s was meant to suggest the importance of southern cotton not only to the South but also to the world.


22. Compared with men, women and children played a relatively small role in the industrial labor force during the early years of the 1800s.


23. The temperance movement was a group that worked for the equal rights of women.


24. William Lloyd Garrison's militant abolitionism alienated him from the moderate members of the antislavery movement.


25. The underground railroad was the nation's first public subway system, linking the larger cities of the Northeast to one another.

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asked by Evan
  1. Now wait a minute. I am not going to just sit here and spew trues and falses so you can copy them down and hand them in with my mistakes included. How about trying to answer? Please do not just type T or F but give a reason. I bet you know the answer to many of those. In that case there is no need to post the ones you know the answer to. Watch out for trick questions, such as having names right but their parts of the country wrong.

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    posted by Damon
  2. The teachers at Jiskha will not do your work for you. We will help you find sources; we will make corrections; we will make suggestions; we will proofread. We do not encourage intellectual stagnation. A brain not used becomes "useless".
    Please post your questions on what you need help with after you have done your best.

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