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what are egyptian reliefs? Also, what were mummy-shaped figures that worked in the afterlife's fields for a mummy? What was used to plug mummy's eye sockets? Last, what were portrait masks made of?



What is the mummy-shaped figures that worked in the afterlife's field for the mummy?

The eye sockets were pluged with linen.

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  1. dragons

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    posted by ambrose
  2. that is not the right answer.

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    posted by harry
  3. 1 i don't no

    2 don't no

    3 linen

    4 cartonnage

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    posted by armen
  4. it is chicken

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    posted by bob
  5. its spelled cartonauge

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    posted by no one
  6. Carpenters

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    posted by Meagan
  7. the stuff to stuff nostrils=beeswax
    portrait masks=cartonauge
    material to plug I sockets=linen

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  8. 2. Shabtis
    3. linen
    4. cartonauge

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    posted by Nancy

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