By default, your numerical entry is scored as correct if it is within 1% of the correct answer. A rule of thumb is always to enter at least 3 digits for numerical questions.
If the correct answer is 7.48809, which of the following entries would be counted as correct? That is, which entries are within WebAssign's default tolerance? (Select all that apply.)

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  1. What following?

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    Ms. Sue
  2. Choices are

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  3. 0.01 * 7.48809 = 0.07488

    7.48809 - 0.07488 = 7.41321

    7.48809 + 0.07488 = 7.56297

    Find the numbers between 7.41321 and 7.56297

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    Ms. Sue
  4. 7.421 7.5555 7.49

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  5. 7.421

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  6. 89

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