Recall that very satisfied customers give the XYZ- Box video game system a rating that is at least 42. Suppose that the manufacturer of the XYZ- Box wishes to use the random sample of 65 satisfaction ratings to provide evidence supporting the claim that the mean composite satisfaction rating for the XYZ- Box exceeds 42.
A) Letting m represent the mean composite satisfaction rating for the XYZ- Box, set up the null hypothesis H0 and the alternative hypothesis H a needed if we wish to attempt to provide evidence supporting the claim that m exceeds 42.
B) The random sample of 65 satisfaction ratings yields a sample mean of x = 42.954 . Assuming that o equals 2.64, use critical values to test H0 versus H a at each of the following .10, .05, .01, and .001.
C) Using the information in part b, calculate the p- value and use it to test H0 versus H a at each of the following .10, .05, .01, and .001.
D) How much evidence is there that the mean composite satisfaction rating exceeds 42?

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