Media Writing

How do you correctly write the following in AP style?

"Guilty Verdict.
A jury found a Midville man guilty of Second-Degree Manslaughter after an hour's worth of deliberations on Tuesday.
Johnny Gene Garber was convicted at the end of a 3-day trial which featured his mother testifying against him. He was charged in the death of a thirty-nine year old brickmason, Gardner Jackson, of Number Twelve, Ninth Street in Jonesville.
Mr. Garber stood sliently as the jury read the verdict. The presiding Judge, Jonas T. Mc Millan, set a sentencing hearing for next Monday at eight o'clock in the morning.
Garber was charged with being drunk while driving down highway 69 last March. His car swerved out of control and ran head on into a car driven by Mr. Jackson, who had been attending services at the Midville Baptist church.
During the trial, the Prosecution Attory, Able Sasson, called Garber's mother, Mrs. Minnie Lee Garber, to testify that her son had been drinking heavily at there home that evening before the accident occurred.
Garber could receive a sentence of two to five years in prison for the crime he committed.

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  1. By AP, I take it you mean Associated Press (not Advanced Placement), right?

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