Illustration essay: Succesful student

In order to be succesful college student must be punctual to class and dedicated to his work.
For instance if a student is punctual and comes to class daily :
He will be constantly reminded of the upcoming assignments
If a student is taking a course with attendance his attendance grades will be high
He will keep up with bonus quizzes and informed about extra credit
class discussion will get him more interested in the course
my story about attending class everyday – changed my life-Example about me
your attendance to class shows your teacher your loyalty to the course and helps you in other aspects of your life too.

Furthermore another great quality a student can obtain is dedication to his or her course work.
I have seen that if you take an interesting course -Example about me
you are more attentive
more involved
better assignments
more closer to the faculty
the teacher observes your dedication and writes good recommendation letters
example of a doctor or teacher only being nice and efficient when they LOVE what they do.

In conclusion being punctual to class keeps you on track and dedicated to the course makes you more knowledgble of the subject. Thus aquiring both of these qualities makes you a succesful college student.




Tell me if I need more points and if the points are relevant and give me ideas of other points.
Dont worry I will expand on the points

The essay is 2-3 pages long.

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  1. This is a draft, right? And you're not finished yet?

    One point to add to the first part is that when a student is in class every time, he hears the teacher present each lesson in its original form, and he also hears all the questions students might ask, as well as the teacher's answers. This interchange of information when a lesson is first given cannot be duplicated. Any absent students will miss out on all that interaction, and they most likely won't have their own questions answered.

    "Furthermore another great quality a student can obtain..." <~~ This needs some rephrasing. Better is this: Another great quality a student can have ...

    Keep on writing and repost when you are finished with your entire rough draft.

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  2. Thank you Writeacher !

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  3. Originally an imaginary concept in a futurist novel by Edward Bellaby. The card allowed characters to charge against future earnings.

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