1.Lynn's teacher likes to give lectures and rarely uses the overhead or challenges to illustrate her points. Lynn is struggling in the teacher's class. What is least likely lynn's preferred style of learning?

A. auditory
B. Kinesthetic
C. Visual
D. Musical
I got c what do u think?

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  1. ... LEAST likely.

    If the teacher TALKS, but doesn't use PICTURES or DIAGRAMS or any other VISUAL resources, and Lynn is struggling, then she prefers visual and doesn't prefer what???

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  2. The question isnt what she doesnt prefer its what she does prefer. That's why i went with C but other's are telling me that's incorrect. So im trying to get other opinions. Do you agree with c?

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  3. If she likes to give lectures which is speaking and has struggles with illustrating her point then, She struggles with Visuals, it is not her preferred style of learning. You are correct Ciara

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