Physcial Science

Hey There, I have 4 questions that I am totally stumped on... Can anyone help?

A 200-gram chunk of stuff rises in temperature by 3oC when you input 1200 calories of heat. What is its specific heat capacity?
A)50 cal/goC.
B) 2 cal/goC.
C) 5 cal/goC.
D) 0.02 cal/goC.

You have two cups, one containing 100 g of ice at 0oC, the other containing 100 g of water at 80oC. You pour the hot water into the cup containing the ice. What do you wind up with?

A)100 g of 0oC water and 100 g of 80oC water.
B)50 g of 0oC ice and 50g of 0oC water.
C)200 g of 0oC water.
D)100 g of 0oC water.

A 20-g piece of iron is heated to 100oC. It is then dropped on a very large chunk of ice. How much ice melts? The specific heat capacity of iron is 0.108 cal/goC.

A) 1.35 g
B) 2.7 g
C) 5.4 g
D) 20 g

A 50 gram ice cube is cooled to -10oC in the freezer. How many calories of heat are required to heat it until it becomes liquid water at 20oC? (The specific heat of ice is 0.5 cal/goC.)
A)1250 cal.
B) 4000 cal.
C) 5000 cal.
D) 5250 cal.

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