what's the tone of this poem?


Razors pain you;
Rivers are damp;
Acids stain you;
And drugs cause cramp.
Guns aren't lawful;
Nooses give;
Gas smells awful;
You might as well live.

I know this is talking about suicide.

What is the tone?

What aspect(s) of the subject is being ridiculed?... I guess the different methods of suicide.

Why is it being criticized?
to persuade people to live ???

What special techniques or characteristics are used? (ex: irony, ridicule, etc.)
i think ridicule is used; not sure about irony and i don't know what else is used

Anon. It is not really about suicide; it is more about living. Satire, irony, ridicule would all fit very nicely. The poet is saying essentially that there are so many ways you can "die", you might as well forget about it and "live". Neat poem!!!

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