The projectile motion is fired with velocity of magnitude vo at the angle feta. Find feta for which the maximum elevation of the projectile is twice its range

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  1. feta is a cheese, not much else. Theta is a Greek letter that is often used for an angle. But feta? it won't hold up more than about 30 degrees, and even then if falls down.

    Vertical height=2*horiztal distance.

    So vertical height first:

    at the top, vertical velocity is zero.
    vtop=vo*sinTheta-g t
    or time to top is vo*sinTheta/g

    then verticalmax height is

    horizontal distance:
    vo*cosTheta* vo sinTheta/g

    vertical max=2*horizontal
    (vo*sinTheta)^2 /g = 2*(vo^2 cosTheta*sinTheta)/g

    or sintheta=2costheta

    tan Theta=2
    theta=arcTan2 or = 63.4349488 degrees

    check all this.

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