Thank you very much. I just wanted to know if the statement in 2 is correct or incorrect.

1)Lorenzo says:” I’m not very fond of French and English. I think learning foreign languages takes a lot of time and you have to revise too often. If you don’t, it’s very easy to forget what you have learnt. Maths is okay –sometimes- I really like PE and my new geography teacher is great –she tells some good jokes –so our lessons are fun this year. I wish all my teachers were like her”.

2) Lorenzo thinks that learning English is difficult.
In your opinion is the statement correct or incorrect? (real question)

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asked by Henry2
  1. In #1 -- you MUST NOT have a space between " and the first word of the quotation.

    At the end of the sentence, because it IS a COMPLETE sentence, the period goes before the closing quotation marks.

    #2 - Yes, the statement is correct.

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    posted by Writeacher

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