Thank you very much. Could you check these sentences on history, too?

1) As Pope Clemens VII refused to declare his first marriage invalid, Henry broke with Rome and declared himself “Supreme Head of the Church of England” by means of the Act of Supremacy (1534).
2)Henry VIII dissolved the monasteries and took their wealth; the social charities such as schools and hospitals for the poor almost disappeared.
3) Mary died in 1558, leaving behind her the hatred of a country deeply dependant on Spain.
4) Elizabeth I was a political genius of the first rank and she had received a very good education. Her court, consisting of musicians, actors, and poets, was brilliant and anxious to entertain her.
5) I need to link these two sentences:
English sea-captains were secretly encouraged by the Queen, who took a share of the profits. They (English sea-captains) were engaged in piracy and they captured Spanish ships that carried precious metals, tobacco and slaves from Africa to America.

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  1. 1-4 = well done

    5 = English sea-captains, engaged in piracy of captured Spanish ships (you could make it longer, if you wish), were secretly encouraged by the Queen, who took a share of the profits.

    Not the only choice - just one idea.


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