Can someone please check my answers for the following 'choose the best answer'?

Which of the following cellular functions would be most directly related to a malfunction of the Golgi apparatus?
a)ATP production
b)degradation of macromolecules
c)secretion of proteins
d)cell movement

Is it b?

A patient exhibits a diverse range of symptoms. Lab tests reveal that multiple metabolic processes are occurring at sub-normal levels due to the lack of nutrients (e.g., glucose) and molecular building blocks (e.g., amino acids). Tests also reveal that cells are not secreting materials normally and have improper intracellular concentrations of ions, including potassium and sodium. These laboratory results can best be explained if which cellular structure is not functioning properly?
d)plasma membrane
Is it a?

Lab results show that a patient is suffering from an intracellular disorder directly interfering with several cellular functions. Affected cells exhibit low levels of lipids and high levels of intracellular toxins. These laboratory results can best be explained if which cellular organelle is not functioning properly?
b)rough endoplasmic reticulum
e)smooth endoplasmic reticulum

Is it e?

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  1. Since Golgi bodies create lysosomes which are used in cellular digestion, b is correct.

    Since A is Mitochondria and that is used for energy production (ATP) and the question asks about nutrients, A is incorrect. Break down of macromolecules releases nutrients. Lysosomes break down macromolecules so that is the correct answer.

    Peroxisomes breakdown long fatty acid chains. If they are overactive, there would be a low lipid level.

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  2. A company seeks to develop an herbicide that kills plants by directly interfering ( at the cellular level ) with plants' ability to maintain turtle pressure. An herbicide could accomplish this by disrupting the membrane of
    A) chloroplast
    B) chormplasts
    C) amyloplasts
    D) central vacuoles
    E) mitochondria

    Is it c ?

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