You are an executive with the Varsity Corporation in Atlanta, Georgia. The company president was schedule to make an important sale presentation tomorrow afternoon in Seattle, Washington, but has now asked you to take his place.
The trip consist of a 2 hour flight from Atlanta to Dallas, a 1 hour layover in Dallas, and then a 3 ¾ hour flight to Portland, There is a 1 ½ hour layover in Portland and then a ¾ hour flight to Seattle. Seattle is on Pacific Time, which is 3 hours earlier, that Easter Time in Atlanta.

If you depart Atlanta tonight at 11:30pm, and all flights are schedule, what time will you arrive in Seattle?

If you return flight is schedule to leave Seattle at 10:10pm tomorrow night, with the same flight times and layovers on reserves, what time are you schedule to arrive in Atlanta?

If the leg from Dallas back to Atlanta is 2/3 of an hour longer than scheduled due to headwinds, what time will you actually arrive?

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  1. A: 6:15am Atlanta time or 9:15am Seattle time (you have to keep in mind that you jump back 3 hours once you reach Seattle.)
    B: 10:55am Atlanta time or 7:55 Seattle Time

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