TILING A decroative floor pattern has one red square tile surrounded by 12 blue tiles. Write and evaluate an expression to show how many total tiles (red and blue) are needed if there are 15 red tiles. Then make a table showing the total number of tiles if there are 15,20,25, or 30 red tiles.

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  1. so would it be 12x15? 12x20
    ? etc...

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  2. Not so simple unfortunately

    sketch this out on a sheet of paper.
    The blue ones must be smaller than the red ones if they are also square and 12 are to surround a red. You end up with 4 on each side of the red. Each blue side is half a red side.
    Adjacent patterns share blue tiles so if it went on forever in both directions you would really only need half as many or 6 blues for each red. However watch out for the edges of the pattern.

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  3. OMG I STILL DON'T UNDERSTAND THT! i have to know how to do it

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