Geometry. Please help.

1. The complement of an angle is 10 degrees less than the angle itself. Find the angle and it's complement.

Find the perimeter and area of the following figures with the vertices given:

a) A (3, 5) B (3, 1) C (0, 1)
b) Q (-3, 2) R (1, 2) S (1, -4) T (-3,-4)
c) G (-4, 1) H (4,1) I (0, -2)
d) K (-4, -2) L (-1,2) M (8,2) N (5, -2)
e) O (3,2) P (1,2) Q(1,-4) R(3,-4)
f) S (0,0) T(3,-2) U (8,0)

Please help. I already graphed the figures but I have no idea how to find the perimeters and areas. Don't just give me the answers, but also tell me how you found it. Thank you.

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