Problem 21.40

A pair of 10uF capacitors in a high-power laser are charged to 1.7kV.

Paige Nieuwenhuis

Part A -

What charge is stored in each capacitor?

Express your answer using two significant figures.

Part B -

How much energy is stored in each capacitor?

Express your answer using two significant figures.



Try Again; 4 attempts remaining

Part B -

If the plates are separated by a Teflon sheet, how thick is the sheet?

Express your answer using two significant figures.

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  1. A. Use the equation Q = C*V

    You don't say if the capacitors are in parallel or series. If in parallel, V = 1700 V for each.

    B. E = (1/2) C V^2

    Your second "part B" must belong to a different question. More facts are needed about capacitor size, capacitance, and whether the Teflon fills the gap.

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