The organizers of of a walkathon get cost estimates from two printing companies to print brochures to advertise the event. The cost are given by the equations below, were C is the cost in dollars and N is the number of brochures.

Company A: C = 15 + 0.10n
Company B: C = 0.25n
A: for what number of brochures are the costs the same for both companies? What method did you use to get your answer? B: The organizers have 65$ to spend on brochures. How many brochures can they have printed if they used company A? If they use company B? C

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  1. A. 15+.1n = .25n

    B. 65 = 15 + .1n

    C. 65 = .25n

    (Solve for n.)

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  2. what information does the coeffecient of n represent for each equation

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