mamagement operation

The city of Beljing is studying it Toursits Information Center. The Information collected about tourists arriving at the center is:
interval time ( time between Arrivals)in minutes:(3,4,5,6,7)Probabilty percentage(20.2,23.6,31.2,18.4,6.6)

The tourist receive service at one desk the follwoing distrubiton:Length of service (minutes)(2,3,4,5)Probability (percent)(15.6,28.7,36.2,19.5)
The center is opened for business at 9a, the firsttourist arrives at 9 am.
Simulate for 12 tourists to estimate(answer all questions by simulation)
The average wating time prior to service.
The average numberof tourist in the information center
The percentage of idle time at the center.
The probabilty of finding more that one tourist at the center.
Use the following RN( start assigning ranges with 000)
For service:
For arrivals:(242,318,876,408,630,027,716,903,530,297,802,596)

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