Dimensional Analysis

eLydi wrote 4 1/2 pages of her science report in one hour. What was her writing rate in pages per minute?

My answer: ( ihavetwo, tell me which is right, if any are?)

answer 1: 0.075
answer 2: 13.33

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  1. nevermind, is this right?
    If an object is moving 18 feet in 2 seconds, then it is moving 64,800 (18 times 60 times 60) feet in one hour. That is 12.3 (64,800 divided by 5,280) miles per hour.

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  2. The object is moving 9 feet in one second.

    9 * 360 = 3,240 feet per hour

  3. thank you!<3

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  4. Convert 1.60ml into microliters

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