Could you check if the adjectives I chose are appropriate? Thank you.

calm/nervous, quick-tempered
easygoing/touchy, think-skinned, crabby
easy-going/stand offish
nosy(intrusive, prying, snoopy) / indifferent, uncaring, unconcerned, uninterested
determined/undetermined OR indecisive
sensible/irresponsible, reckless, rash
sensitive/insensitive (Ex. Insensitive to beauty)
serious/joking, funny
shy/sociable, easygoing
sociable, outgoing/unsociable, sullen
tolerant/intolerant (narrow-minded?)

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  1. Didn't I JUST read this?


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  2. calm <<opposites>> nervous, quick-tempered
    easygoing <<opposites>> touchy, think-skinned, crabby
    determined <<opposites>> indecisive
    easy-going <<opposites>> high-strung
    nosy(intrusive, prying, snoopy) <<opposites>> indifferent, uncaring, unconcerned, uninterested
    determined <<opposites>> lackadaisical
    sensible <<opposites>> irresponsible, reckless, rash
    sensitive <<opposites>> insensitive (Ex. Insensitive to beauty)
    serious <<opposites>> joking, funny
    shy <<opposites>> sociable
    self-confident insecure
    thoughtful <<opposites>> thoughtless inconsiderate
    sociable, outgoing <<opposites>> unsociable, sullen
    tolerant <<opposites>> intolerant; narrow-minded

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