Thank you very much.
I'm having problems in finding antonyms for the following adjectives describing personality. Can you check my list, please? I need to fing synonyms for "nosy" and an antonym for "sensible", "sensitive".

1) How do you call someone who likes teasing his schoolmates?

cheerful/down-hearted, sad
generous/ungenerous, mean
nosy (intrusive, prying, meddlesome) /dicreet
tolerant/intolerant (narrow-minded?)

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  1. Please try: http://thesaurus.com

    Main Entry: nosy
    Part of Speech: adjective
    Definition: curious; prying
    Synonyms: eavesdropping, inquisitive, inquisitorial, inquisitory, interested, interfering, intermeddling, intrusive, meddlesome, personal, searching, snooping, snoopy
    Antonyms: indifferent, uncaring, unconcerned, uninterested

    I'm only looking at the 2 words - nosy & sensible.

    sensitive = impassive, insensitive, thick-skinned, unsusceptible

    sensible = impassive, insensitive, thick-skinned, unsusceptible

    By now, with the links I have given you for synonyms and this one for synonyms, antonyms, etc. you should be able to do your own looking!


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