college english -- rhetorical analysis of an ad

my homework is to find an advertisement, website or magazine cover that is rhetorically interesting and persuasive. we have to write an essay analysis of 2 pages to show how the text works to persuade its audience.

consider the following questions.
1)what is the persuasive aim of the document
2)how the document targets the audience.
3)where did the text appear and how is it significant?
4)why is the text arranged as it is.
5)how are logos and pathos deployed to persuade?
6)how does ethos function in the text?

Please help. you shall have my trust and accolade.

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  1. I'd choose one of the umpteen ads for prescription drugs, the sappier the better! They include all the things in your list.

    Here are a couple of links to help you with the content: <<a place to look up words/terms and get answers from MANY different dictionaries and other sources

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