A meter stick lies on the bottom of a 100 cm long tank with its zero mark against the left edge. You look into the tank at an angle of θ = 24°, with your line of sight just grazing the upper left edge of the tank, and h = 32 cm.

(a) What mark do you see on the meter stick if the tank is empty?

(b) What mark do you see if the tank is half full of water?

(c) What mark do you see if it is completely full of water?

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  1. This is pretty simple trig and SNells law, along with some geometry. Draw the figure, and figure the intercept point at the surface, then snells law, then use trig to find the intercept at the bottom.

    You willhave to decide what the angle of incidence is: is it 24 deg, or 66 deg? I have no idea what the statement means.

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