could you please explain me how to use the following verb forms effectively along with constructions : 1. to be 2. to be able 3. have been able

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  1. Be sure to bookmark this website and use it when you need explanations on specific English grammar/usage topics:

    You are asking about two different verbs -- forms of "to be" and forms of "to be able"

    I am not tall.
    You are an English student.
    She is my friend
    We are studying English
    You (all) are in the largest class on campus.
    They are all taking their exam now.

    He wants to be a scientist.
    She hopes to be a singer.
    They work hard to be successful students.

    She wants to be able to translate fluently from French to Italian.

    They have been able to move all the furniture into storage in less than an hour.
    Scroll down and read the sections starting with Modals.

    Let us know if you have specific questions about the uses of these verbs and tenses.

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