hi im sam :p
i have 8th grade math and i think like yesterday we got an assesment called circle sentencing and im completly confused i even asked my princble and she couldn't even help..:(
i have a link to show what my homework is but it wont let me post it but if you look up circle sentencing its the second one it starts with ncjrs
my english teacher told us that we are supposed to write a 1 paragraph sentence for each paragraph for the question what does the text say? and how does it say it?? its due tomarow and i don't wsnt to get in trouble! ever since last year i had bad grades but now its a new school year and i want nothing more than to be good and have good grades!! pleasee help me

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  1. Is this what you mean?


  2. yes that is the website

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  3. Are you supposed to write 1 sentence about each paragraph?

    Are you supposed to summarize the whole article?

  4. yes im supposed to write a 1 sentence paragraph like heres an example
    this is what my teacher did for what does the text say.

    circle sentencing began in canada and is now used i. the u.s

    and then she put for how does the it say it she put.

    parenthetical documentation shows that the information in the paper was researched and she also put he uses dashes to set of a list of people involved

    does that help?

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  5. Yes.

    It looks to me as though you need one sentence summarizing each paragraph and one sentence telling how it was documented.

    You're ready to roll! :-)

  6. thxs :D
    i hope i don't do it wrong by accient :o
    then my princble will probebly make me do my h.w. in her office for the rest uv the year again :o

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  7. You're welcome.

    If you try and do your best, I'm sure you won't be in trouble. Good luck! :-)

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