algebra 2

i need help solving these inequalities i'm not sure if i should factor things out or not

4x^3 is greater than or equal to 16x


4 is greater than or equal to 2x^3 + 8x

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  1. Yes, you can factor out numbers which are positive as in equations.

    4x>16 can be written as
    (common factor 4 is positive.)

    If the factor is negative, you can still factor it out, but you will need to reverse the sign of inequality.

    -5x ≥ 40
    x ≤ 40/(-5)
    x ≤ -8
    (common factor -5 is negative)

    If the sign of the factor is unknown, then you'll have to make different cases:

    ax > ab
    x > b (if a>0)
    x < b (if a<0)
    x is undefined if a=0

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  2. -y-4+2y>11

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