Here are the other sentences I changed into indirect speech.

1)Arthur said that that was where Christ’s blood had been kept after he had been crucified. Two knights soon declared the wanted to look for the Grail for one year and one day.
2)In 537 Arthur had to go to distant land to fight. He asked a knight named Mordred to rule his land until he returned because he knew he was a loyal man. Howver, Mordred told everyone that Arthur was killed in the war, in France.
3) When King Arthur hear the news he got furious and fought a long battle against Mordred.
4) Though King Arthur managed to kill Mordred with his spear, he was mortally wounded by Mordred’s sword which went through Arthur’s helmet and his head. 5) When Arthur was on the point of dying, he called Sir Bedivere and ordered him to give his sword Excalibur back to the Lady of the Lake.
6) As requested, Sir Bedivere went to the lake and threw the sword far into the water.

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  1. Straighten out all those pronouns -- make sure the antecedent for every single one is crystal clear.

    Check all spelling.

    Then repost.

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