Thank you very much. Here are some mor sentences on the same theme I'd like you to check.

1) They are residents of a state residential treatment centre for juveniles who have committed major property offences (synonym) and crimes against people.
2) Paul believes that some kids really don’t understand how valuable your freedom is and how a stupid action like throwing a rock off a bridge can jeopardize (risk losing?) it.
3) Angela, a senior coordinator for the residential centre, believes that the play helps people to recognize that young people, though they often get into trouble, can still change and learn from their mistakes.
4) They, therefore, shouldn’t be discarded (thrown away?) like so much of rubbish.
5) She thinks that some kids just have a bad start in life and drift into (synonym) crime through the company they keep and maybe because they have no adult models to guide them.

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  1. 1. "offences" = umbrages, crimes, discoourtesies, rudness, disrespect

    2. "jeopardize" = risk, endanger, menace, hazard, threaten, imperil

    4. "discarded" = flung, disposed, removed, banished, abandoned, rejected, tossed

    like so much rubbish (delete "of")

    5. "drift into" = meander, stray, wander


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