I find it difficult to look for appropriate synonyms. Here is what I found. I don’t know the meaning of “state residential treatment centre” .

1)A 13-year-old teenager throws a rock off a bridge over the motorway. The rock hits an oncoming car, killing the driver. In real life, the teenager is eventually tried in an adult court before a jury.
2) Two actors re-enact the story based on this true case. Other actors are then involved as the play continues.
3) They perform acrobatic feats (achievements?), dive into the audience, and swear profusely (continuously??) throughout the show. 4) At the end of the play the boy is acquitted and set free.When the teenage audience were asked to vote whether or not they thought the teenager in the case was guilty, the teenage audience was split almost equally into three groups: guilty, not guilty and undecided.
5) For one group of teenagers in the audience the play really hits home. (synonym).

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  1. "state residential treatment centre" means that the patient would live there (residental) to be treated (drugs, etc.) and it would be sponsored by the state.

    Is that the only Synonym you needed? I'm sure I gave you a Synonym link before.


    #5 "hits home" = affect, impress, move, strike

    #3 "feats" = achievements is good
    "profusely" = continuously or abundantly, copiously,extravagantly


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  2. 1 and 2 = OK

    3 - There really is no synonym for "acrobatic feats"; "profusely" = a great deal or continuously.

    4 - ...audience was asked... (subject-verb agreement); comma needed

    5 - "hits home" = becomes real

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