could you mind answering the following sentences and tell me which expression is grammatically proved to be correct or both in comparison: 1.Sherry is cleverer than Sterry 2.Sterry is more clever than Sherry

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  1. Both are correct.

  2. The first sentence is correct. Since some two-syllable words add -er and others use "more," the best way of finding the comparative or superlative form is to look up the root word in a dictionary.


  3. Thank you very much for a quick response

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  4. Both the expressions have been proved to be right as more clever and most clever have also been accepted alongwith cleverer than and the cleverest

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  5. Correct. =)

  6. could any one please answer my query and answer accordingly 1. None of my friends have come 2. None of my friends has come

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