A man stands at the north pole, his mass is 100 kg. Later he goes and stands at the equator. Compute what force he exerts on the earth when he stands at the: a) north pole, b) equator. Which force is greater and find the difference.

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  1. The value of g at different latitudes are well known and measured. At sea level, the the effective (measured) value of g:

    g (at equator) = 9.78039 m sec^-2

    g (North pole) = 9.83217 m sec^-2

    (you will need to check that I have obtained the correct values - you should have been given them with the question)

    The force he exerts at the equator is then 978.039 N

    The force he exerts at the North Pole is then 983.217 N

    So a good way for an eskimo to lose weight is to move to the equator!

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  2. What equations do you have to use to find the forces?

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