need help with Equations:
I don't understand what 4x-2x+4=x+10 I don't have a clue how to solve and check it. please help me

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asked by Glenda
  1. First thing to remember. You can do what you want to the equation (almost, anyway) as long as you do the same thing to both sides.
    4x - 2x + 4 = x + 10
    combine like terms.
    4x-2x = 2x on the left so it looks like this.2x+4=x+10
    Now you want to get the unknowns on one side (the x terms) and the numbers on the other. Let's operate first to move the x on the right. We have this so far,
    subtract x from both sides.
    combine like terms.
    2x-x=1x but we don't need to write the 1.
    Now to move the 4 to the right side.
    subtract 4 from both sides.
    Check it. Substitute x for the x terms in the equation.
    4*6 - 2*6 + 4 = 6 +10
    So x = 6 must be correct since it satisfies the equation.

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