Martin Luther King

Hey guys could you help me with a better sentence than this.

"In a competition the usual suspect of an offense towards the other player is the contender but Martin Luther King's death was not about the person who did it but the idea behind why he did it and what made James Earl Ray do it"

I have written this and I am basically trying to say that James earl ray was not the usual suspect as people would have thought but it is not who killed Martin Luther king but the idea behind what made James Earl Ray do it.

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  1. Also how can I summarize this ?

    "Not only did the FBI the former secret opposition party to MLK movement turn on his side to find the murderer. Thousands of White Americans came to realize how cannibalistic their society had become to avoid a man who has won not only a Noble peace prize and a renowned respected figure in a majority. They were ashamed that King did not only speak for his own people, but the poor white minority too."

    Basically I want my reader to know how the assassination made things even better and effective because it brought things into prospective and opened the eyes of many Americans to see how savage they had become in means of racism.

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  2. " ... the assassination made things even better ... "

    You need to find very different wording. You seem to be saying that it was OK that MLK was killed. Yikes!


  3. Summarizing:

    Even in death did Martin King rise: America rose from its apathetic sense toward racial inequality towards a sense that racial justice had to be addressed, in schools, in public, and in self.

    "In a competition the usual suspect of an offense towards the other player is the contender but Martin Luther King's death was not about the person who did it but the idea behind why he did it and what made James Earl Ray do it"

    That is misleading. Try this: In the assassination of Martin Luther King, the focus was not his assassin, but the reasons King was hated and hounded to death.

  4. Thank you Bob, no Writeacher I did not really mean that, what I meant was his death did a favour to mankind in making them realise the vile attitude they had towards change which resulted in many deaths as of his own.

    Moreover if I copy paste what you wrote for me and add some more there besides what you wrote, will I be penalized for plagiarism ?

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  5. No plagiarism would be involved, in my opinion, because what I wrote is not copyrighted or even claimed as MINE, in the copyright/legal sense.

    Be wary of using any phrasing like this, though: " his death did a favour to mankind"

    You MUST find a different way to state your idea.

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