Sponge bob notices that his pal Gary is suffering form slimotosis , which occurs when the shell develops a nasty slime and gives off a horrible odor. His friend Patrick tells him that rubbing seaweed on the shell is the perfect cure, while Sandy says that drinking Dr.Kelp will be a better cure. SpongeBib decides to test this cure by rubbing Gary with seaweed for 1 week and having him drink Dr.Kelp. After a week of treatment , the slime is gone and gary's shell smells better.

a) What was the initial observation ?
b) What is the independent variable ?
c) What is the dependent variable?
d) What should SpongeBob's conclusion be ?

i need helpp , pleasee cann you helpp meee

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  1. 1. initial observation: Gary is suffering from slimotosis.

    2. what is not changed at all? That is the independent variable.

    3. what does change? That is the dependent variable.

    4. the conclusion would be that both the seaweed and Dr. Kelp did the trick.


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  2. so the independent variable is the amount of seaweed and Dr.kelp ?

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  3. anybodyyyy goingg to help ?

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