SCI 275

distinguishes between renewable and nonrenewable energy.

· provides at least three methods for conserving energy and helping the environment.

· discusses how the government can help with conservation efforts.

I need help PLease

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asked by dawn
  1. Dawn -- I've posted at least one response that answers these questions. You say you need help. What specificially do you need help with?

    Now it's YOUR turn! Please tell us your ideas and we'll be glad to comment on them.

    What distinguishes renewable and nonrenewable energy? How are they different?

    What do you think the answers are to the other two questions.

  2. My energy is renewable after a good night's sleep. I conserve energy by staying in bed, reading library books, and contemplating my navel. The government can help me by paying me a living wage for my conservation efforts.

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    posted by Clown

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